Charlie Croom

Full-Stack Developer

Staff Web Developer and Tech Lead with a passion for building social-impact products and developing teams.


Class of 2012
B.S. Computer Science with Honors
East Lansing High School
Class of 2008


San Francisco
At Twitter, I have the opportunity to work on an amazing team building Twitter's Progressive Web App (PWA) using React, React Native Web, Redux, the latest Web APIs and more. Along the way I've helped develop Hack Week @ Twitter and Twitter's leadership development program, drove the Web Notifications project across teams, contributed back to Open Source projects we use, worked with browser vendors to advocate for web standards and introduce our PWA to platform stores, and helped to recruit and develop the web client team.
Prior to the new PWA site, I also helped develop on both the old Scala based framework and our beloved "Monorail" Monolithic Ruby on Rails platform, as well as contributing to the Android client code. The story of my time at Twitter has been a whirlwind of learning and growth: from learning Scala (or "fun Java"), to experiencing and planning with different organizational styles, to growing from a new-grad into a Staff Engineer. I enjoy the collaboration that goes on internally, and the agency we have as developers to shape both the product we build and the company as a whole.


A real way of presenting some photos to you remains next-weekend's project. For now a summer project.
Random Musings
Instrument-rated private pilot
As long as I can remeber, I've wanted to learn to fly. I love planespotting, and travelling in general...even when I'm not at the yoke. Based at KGRR.
A tool to help with planning practice approaches for IFR currency. Can show all IFR Approaches on a map, or generate a flightplan for you based on start and end locations.
Conference Organizer
Helped organize and establish JSConf: HI. A community-driven event dedicated to building and improving the Javascript community.