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Charging for Student Shows at Yale

10/22/10 | by Charlie [mail] | Categories: College
A short piece I wrote for the YDN opinion page. Check it out! more »

A (short) Guide to Yale YouTube

06/29/10 | by Charlie [mail] | Categories: Web, College
Anyways, college is truly most excellent and always something new. I miss it a little bit. Yale really is an amazing place with amazing people. I've been working on some things for the fall already which reminded me of how much fun college is. Not the c… more »

ZooElite AI Development: Beta!

04/12/10 | by Charlie [mail] | Categories: TTD AI
Well this has been a long time coming, I'm happy to officially announce that ZooElite, an AI built in Squirrel on the NoAI framework for OpenTTD has reached it's (pre-)beta stage. Note that this isn't a Google Beta, but an actually beta. As defined by W… more »

ZooElite AI Development: R&R

03/01/10 | by Charlie [mail] | Categories: TTD AI
Rest and relaxation...oh I wish...nope, this time it's RAILROADS!!! Last time I showed you how we placed bus stations, this time I'm going to give you an inside look at where ZooElite decides to put railroad stations. This is all subject to change, but… more »

ZooElite AI Development: Bus Stops

02/11/10 | by Charlie [mail] | Categories: TTD AI
So ZooElite, our AI for Transport tycoon I mentioned earlier is now in full development. One of the first things I've been working on is determining the optimal placement for a given number of bus stations in a given city. This little info bit will expl… more »

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A collection of musings from my time at Yale along with some thoughts about my "Freshman year of life" in San Francisco.


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