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Life Update

05/16/09 | by Charlie [mail] | Categories: The Life, Yale Daily News, Theater, Classes
Oh my gosh. One full year at Yale is over. You know it's amazing how much can change in a year. All four years of high school weren't as eventful as the past year has been for me. I'm shocked when I think of the Juniors (Year behind me always), who are… more »

What a Day

02/06/09 | by Charlie [mail] | Categories: The Life, Photography, Making Money, Yale Daily News
As I went to bed this morning, I couldn't have predicted how nicely things would go today. As you already know, I took snowboarding pictures yesterday. What you may not know, is that I also did photos with the new football coach last week. Well good new… more »

Snow Jam

02/06/09 | by Charlie [mail] | Categories: Yale Daily News
Just back from my first Yale trip to NYC! We spent two hours there at the Red Bull Snow Jam. They basically constructed a 9 story ramp, threw some snow on it, and let famous snowboarders ride down it. To make the trip even funnier, I rode with a bunch o… more »

And we all float on...

01/29/09 | by Charlie [mail] | Categories: The Life, Improv Comedy, Yale Daily News, Theater, Classes
Well my last couple posts have been rather specific so I thought I'd update you on what's been going on in my life around Yale. There's so much going on, which of course is just how I like it :) First off though, I should mention the new Yale Drama C… more »

Through the Lens

11/11/08 | by Charlie [mail] | Categories: Photography, Yale Daily News
In what's being called the best thing since USB, YDN created a new section this week replacing the old "Week in Photos". For the past few months YDN has run the best photos from the previous week on Monday, in full color, on the back of Mondays issue.… more »

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A collection of musings from my time at Yale along with some thoughts about my "Freshman year of life" in San Francisco.


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