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Life Update

05/16/09 | by Charlie [mail] | Categories: The Life, Yale Daily News, Theater, Classes
Oh my gosh. One full year at Yale is over. You know it's amazing how much can change in a year. All four years of high school weren't as eventful as the past year has been for me. I'm shocked when I think of the Juniors (Year behind me always), who are… more »

I'm sorry!

02/28/09 | by Charlie [mail] | Categories: Photography, Theater
It's been two weeks since I last really updated you on my life. But this is with good reason: I've been very busy. Between Equus and Laughing Stock there's hardly been any time to work on those pesky midterms I've been taking. However I'm almost out of… more »

Equus Lives!

02/19/09 | by Charlie [mail] | Categories: Photography, Theater
After an exhausting week of attempting to learn how to light a three-quarter thrust show (Audience on three sides), I think we are finally ready to open. As usual, yesterday was the photo show, so I'd just like to share some of those with you. Check the… more »

And we all float on...

01/29/09 | by Charlie [mail] | Categories: The Life, Improv Comedy, Yale Daily News, Theater, Classes
Well my last couple posts have been rather specific so I thought I'd update you on what's been going on in my life around Yale. There's so much going on, which of course is just how I like it :) First off though, I should mention the new Yale Drama C… more »

Back in the Swing

01/13/09 | by Charlie [mail] | Categories: The Life, Photography, Theater, Classes
After a fantastic hiatus, I'm back. More blog, more pictures, and more blah! That's right this weeks buzzword is "Blah" in honor of my disdain for the amount of commitments I have managed to acquire this semester. As is time-honored tradition for me, my… more »

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A collection of musings from my time at Yale along with some thoughts about my "Freshman year of life" in San Francisco.


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