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Revenge of the Geeks

06/20/09 | by Charlie [mail] | Categories: Music, The World
For years, sociologists and other learned scholars have tried to deduce through quantitative reasoning the difference between the geek and the nerd. Unfortunately, I cannot present any groundbreaking evidence in this field as both sides have their own u… more »

The dangers of over-education, and a panlist

01/19/09 | by Charlie [mail] | Categories: Music, The Mind
This one's a reader. My improv group enjoys profuse abuse of our panlist (email group list). Over tour, there were a few songs that caught our attention. One was "Cooking by the Book, Lil bigger remix", you can look that one up on your own. The other wa… more »

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A collection of musings from my time at Yale along with some thoughts about my "Freshman year of life" in San Francisco.


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